Aug 252011
It's Friday Somewhere! Fun Shirts & Merchandise

Somewhere in the Universe it’s Friday! Party on everyday as if it was the weekend. Parody / Spoof of “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” on T-Shirts, Bags, Buttons, and much more. It’s Friday Somewhere! Shirts by ironydesign It’s Friday Somewhere! Frosted Beer Mugs  by ironydesign View the whole selection of merchandise with this Friday design in View Full Post…

Apr 142010
The Voices Mental Humor T-Shirts & Products

Tax Day Sale – 10.40% off ALL ORDERS! Use Code: TAXDAYZAZZLE    Ends Thursday The Voices T-Shirts & Products Although the voices aren’t real, they have some pretty good ideas! – Silly and Funny Saying.  Same funny saying 2 different designs. Comes on Shirts, Magnets, Aprons, Bags, Stickers, Buttons, and more! The Voices Dark T-Shirts by ironydesign View Full Post…

Sep 112009
The Voices T-Shirts & Merchandise

You’re Just Jealous Because The Voices Only Talk To Me – Funny and crazy quote, slogan, about hearing voices. Meant for humor. The Voices by ironydesign Featured products with this funny saying from our shop:

Aug 062009
You Have The Right To Remain Stupid T-shirts & Gifts

You have the right to remain stupid, anything you say can and will be ignored! – Funny sarcastic saying. This hilarious saying on many different T-shirts, shirts, and products such as Mousepads, bumper stickers, Mugs and more. You Have The Right by ironydesign Comes in Male, Female, and Kids Shirts with many different styles and View Full Post…

Apr 272009
Shut Up Brain T-Shirts & Products

Shut Up Brain T-Shirt by ironydesign Featured Products with the same funny and silly saying: