Aug 172009
Tiger Illustration T-Shirts & Products

A close up of an illustrated tiger. Comes in colors or in black and white on different colored shirts, buttons, bags, and more. By Irony Design ! Tiger Illustration by ironydesign Comes on different colored and style shirts, buttons, magnets, bags, caps, hats, and many more!

Jul 242009
Jesus Saves, Passes to Moses, Shoots, Scores! T-shirts

The ORIGINAL and now famous Jesus Saves T-Shirt!! (well, almost famous). That’s right, you may see other Jesus Saves hockey t shirts out there, but this is the original so accept no imitations! Jesus Saves Passes To Moses, He Shoots, He Scores!!!!! If you’re searching for a funny and witty Jesus Saves T Shirt, look View Full Post…

May 222009
Lots Of Cats T-shirts & Products

Destined To Become an Old Lady With Lots Of Cats – Cat lover or cat fanatic? Funny cat saying about those cuddly kitties. See this design on T-Shirts & Products. Lots Of Cats T-Shirts by ironydesigns Featured products with this cat lover’s design from our Shop:

May 042009
Little Stinker Skunk Design T-Shirts & Products

Little Stinker. A cute cartoon drawing of a skunk with a saying. Are you a little stinker or know someone who is? This skunk design on our T-Shirts, Hoodies, and more gifts. Little Stinker by ironydesign Featured products with this cute skunk image:

Apr 112009
Artistic Penguin T-Shirts and Gifts

Artistic Penguin. Cute Penguin Drawing with colorful Paint Splatters. For Penguin lovers and/or painters. Show your creativity. Artistic Penguin T-Shirts Featured Products with this Cute Penguin Design: