Oct 192011
Life is all about ass Funny T-Shirts and Gifts

Life is all about ass. You’re either married to an ASS, divorced from an ASS or trying to forget an ASS. You’re either working your ass off, sweating your ass off, laughing your ass off, kicking ass, kissing ass, spanking ass, hauling ass, wiping ass, busting ass, trying to get a piece of ass! Or, View Full Post…

Mar 032011
Bridge is a lot like sex T-Shirts & Gears

Bridge is a lot like sex T-Shirts & Products Funny Card Game Saying Bridge is a lot like sex; if you don’t have a good partner, you better have a good hand. Funny saying on the card game bridge. Bridge is a lot like sex by ironydesign View our whole product line with this funny View Full Post…

Mar 022011
Let's Get Beezy! T-Shirts & Products

Let’s Get Beezy! T-Shirts & Gifts Bumble Bees & Flowers Let’s Get Bee-zy! Play on word with ‘busy’ to beezy. Two cute bumble bees getting ready to pollinate the flowers. Light pastel colors. Let’s Get Beezy! by ironydesigns VIEW the whole product line with this cute bumble bee design in our Store.

Sep 012010
All Stressed Out And No One To Choke T-Shirts & Products

All Stressed Out T-Shirts & Products Funny Saying All Stressed Out and No One To Choke. Funny and humor attitude. With a bunny rabbit that is stressed out and pulling his ears. If you love expressing yourself through humor, check out this fully customizable merchandise, brought to you by Irony Designs. All Stressed Out by View Full Post…

Nov 162009
Be Naughty! Save Santa The Trip! T-Shirts & Gifts

Christmas Penguin Humor Be Naughty! Save Santa The Trip! Image of Penguin wearing Santa’s hat with a funny and amusing Christmas saying. Make the Holidays fun with this fun design. Be Naughty! Save Santa The Trip! by ironydesign Featured Products with this Christmas Penguin design:

Nov 062009
A.D.D. Humor T-Shirts & Products

A.D.D. Humor They say I have ADD, they just don’t understand… Oh look, a chicken! – Attention Deficit Disorder Humor Saying. A.D.D. Humor by ironydesign Featured Products with this ADD Saying :

Sep 162009
You laugh because I'm different T-Shirts & Products

Funny and Humorous Saying T-Shirts & Gifts. “You laugh because I’m different, I laugh because you’re all the same.” See this dry humor saying on many different colored and styled T-Shirts, Mugs, Buttons, Bags, and more! You laugh because I’m different by ironydesign More featured merchandises with this funny saying:

Sep 022009
I Heart Farming Tshirts & Gifts

I [heart] farming. Whether it’s online farming or on a real farm, show your love for the farm with this cute design with carrots growing and a chicken. FarmVille and FarmTown lovers adore these. If you would rather have a FarmTown T-Shirt, check out their official store. I Heart Farming by ironydesign This Farm design View Full Post…

Aug 202009
Brought To You By WTF T-Shirts & Products

Today has been brought to you by the letters WTF?  Parody of Sesame Street. WTF = What The Fuck. For any WTF days! We all have those kind of days! Or if you don’t know it’s gonna happen and dread going some places, just wear it in advanced. Or just show others how you’re feeling View Full Post…

Aug 172009
Tiger Illustration T-Shirts & Products

A close up of an illustrated tiger. Comes in colors or in black and white on different colored shirts, buttons, bags, and more. By Irony Design ! Tiger Illustration by ironydesign Comes on different colored and style shirts, buttons, magnets, bags, caps, hats, and many more!