Feb 012010

No Kicking Penguins

An autistic Canadian second-grader has created a meme that has traveled to Antarctica, where scientists in a British research facility have posted the image and declared it to be “official policy in Antarctica.”

In October, [Michelle Chipman] was walking down the hall when she kicked an inflatable penguin — which had been won at the Regatta — out of her way.  Seven-year-old Colby… promptly advised her that kicking penguins was prohibited.  He left the room for a minute, returned requesting Scotch Tape and then posted a hand-drawn sign — a woman kicking a penguin, in a circle with a diagonal line through it (as in a No Smoking sign).  Written around the image was the decree Colby had issued earlier — “No kicking penguins.”

The popularity of the sign and the message has resulted in the creation of t-shirts, proceeds from the sale of which are being used for the benefit of autism societies.

Visit the official “No Kicking Penguins” Store

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