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Featured Dog Shop Owner: Augie Doggy Store was founded in 2006 as we waited for our first golden retriever puppy, Augustus, to be old enough to come home. Our second puppy, Tiberius, came to live with us in 2007. Since then, the boys have been blogged about, have appeared in newspapers, on television, and in print and online ads, and have won photographic, video and other awards. Augie and Ti have their own Facebook page, website, YouTube channel, and store. Our mission has always been to bring a little bit of love and good cheer to the world. We hope you enjoy browsing our store and that we’ve made you smile! (Visit her Shop Here – Augie Doggy Store)

Featured Augie Doggy Gifts: (See Them All)

Sleepy Golden Retriever in Pajamas Birthday Greeting CardsSleepy Golden Retriever in Pajamas Birthday Greeting Cards

Golden Retriever Golden Retriever “Tell Santa” Christmas Card

Golden Retriever Halloween Hippie Postcard Post CardGolden Retriever Halloween Hippie Postcard Post Card

Golden Retriever Define Naughty Christmas PostcardsGolden Retriever Define Naughty Christmas Postcards


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