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About the Animal Parade Store: See our cute animals coming and going in a fun Animal Parade of T-Shirts, accessories, and gifts created by Imagine That! Design. Our humorous animal designs feature a colorful parade of fun safari animals, adorable barnyard animals, cute and cuddly pets, and prehistoric dinosaurs from the front and the back painted by our talented illustrator, Traci Van Wagoner. Many of our playful products you’ll find our lovable animal character’s heads on the front and tails on the back. Join the Animal Parade and buy your favorite animal today, or go animal wild and collect them all! Have fun shopping with us! (Visit their Shop Here – Animal Parade Store)

Featured Animal Parade Dog Gifts: (See Them All)

St. Bernard Top Dog Dark T-Shirts T-shirtSt. Bernard Top Dog Dark T-Shirts T-shirt

Husky Gifts and Accessories Night LightsHusky Gifts and Accessories Night Lights

Husky Gifts & Accessories Scarf WrapsHusky Gifts & Accessories Scarf Wraps

St. Bernard Gifts & Accessories Fridge MagnetsSt. Bernard Gifts & Accessories Fridge Magnets


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  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing our fun dog gifts and accessories. We’ve recently added a Chihuahua too!

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