Nov 222010
Short Attention Span Kitty T-Shirts & Products

Short Attention Span Kitty Funny & Humorous Saying about being forgetful. “I don’t have a short attention span, I just… Oh, look a Kitty!” Funny saying on T-Shirts & Gifts. If you often are distracted and forgetful, this Shirts for you!  People with “attention deficit disorder” also benefits from this funny saying. We also have View Full Post…

Nov 062009
A.D.D. Humor T-Shirts & Products

A.D.D. Humor They say I have ADD, they just don’t understand… Oh look, a chicken! – Attention Deficit Disorder Humor Saying. A.D.D. Humor by ironydesign Featured Products with this ADD Saying :

Apr 302009
ADD Kitty Humor T-shirts & Gifts

They say I have ADD but I think they’re full… oh look, a kitty! Funny and humorous Attention Deficit Disorder T-Shirts & Gifts. Keep in mind that you have the option to change the background color on most products. ADD Kitty Humor by ironydesign Featured Products with this funny ADD saying:

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