Oct 192011
Life is all about ass Funny T-Shirts and Gifts

Life is all about ass. You’re either married to an ASS, divorced from an ASS or trying to forget an ASS. You’re either working your ass off, sweating your ass off, laughing your ass off, kicking ass, kissing ass, spanking ass, hauling ass, wiping ass, busting ass, trying to get a piece of ass! Or, View Full Post…

Sep 132011
Anger Management Humor TShirts & Gifts

Anger Management Humor Shirts & Merchandise My anger management class pisses me off! Funny saying / quote. If you flunked anger management, this is for you. Even if you never attended any classes because you’re too angry to admit you’re angry.   Anger Management Shirts by ironydesign View all Products and Apparel with this funny View Full Post…

Sep 012011
Novelty and Cute Flip Flops

We’re pleased to announce that we added Flip Flops to our collection of unique and novelty merchandise: One by One The Gnomes Steal My Sanity Flip Flops Pirate Penguin Flip Flops Bumble Bees Flip Flops Goth Girl Flip Flops High as a Kite Giraffe Flip Flops —————————————–

Aug 162011
Blunt Cards Official Store

If you haven’t heard about Blunt Cards, you need to visit their store.  They are awesome and obviously have an impeccable sense of humor. tshirt-judge people Let’s go somewhere and judge people. View all BluntCard T-Shirts tshirt-judge people by bluntcard Chill out, slut magnet View all BluntCard Magnets Chill out, slut magnet by bluntcard BluntCard View Full Post…

Aug 112011

We’re happy to announce that we opened a Shop with Wordans.com Customizing and personalizing it is fun and easy. Check out the designs we have in our store so far. A lot more will be added soon. If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to let us know in a comment. We chose to also View Full Post…

Jul 262011
Homosexuals Are Gay T-Shirt Hell

Homosexuals are Gay Tees.  It’s funny cuz it’s true! A Classic Returns For 2 Weeks – 7/26/11 ————————————————————

Jul 222011
Schizo saying T-Shirts and Products

Schizophrenic Humor Schizophrenia beats being alone. Witty slogan / saying. Meant for humor. May be offensive to some. ——————————————————- VIEW ALL PRODUCTS AND APPARELS WITH THIS SILLY SLOGAN IN OUR SHOP. ——————————————————-

May 042011
Osama Bin Laden Rest In Hell Shirts & Products

Osama Bin Laden Rest In Hell Shirt Osama Bin Laden Rest In Hell Shirt by Tea_Party_Movement 10% Off for You + We’ll Donate 10% to the Yellow Ribbon Fund  Use Code: BINLADENGONE at checkout  See all Bin Laden designs

May 042011
Osama Bin Laden Death T-Shirts
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